Village Volunteers is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that partners with visionary leaders in Kenya, Ghana, India and Nepal to support sustainable solutions to community challenges.

As a volunteer you live and work side by side to exchange knowledge, information, skills, and stories that develop meaningful common bonds with our global community.

As a supporter, you will address common challenges; support locally manufactured water filters; inspire future and current farmers thru training in sustainable farming techniques; support health programs; vocational and academic education; conserve the natural environment and protect important watersheds. What would you like to accomplish?

“I had been researching for the past year to find a safe and legitimate volunteer program that fit my interests and needs. Village Volunteers had everything I was looking for. The first time I came across Village Volunteers was on a website that listed them with the Red Cross, and Peace Corps as the top three international volunteer programs.” 

– Sophia Hilka, Kenya Volunteer ’10, ’12, and ’14