Volunteer Testimonials

Caroline Cardosi – Kenya

“Village Volunteers is an incredible grassroots nonprofit that does so much for its village partners. VV goes above and beyond, inspiring, educating, and empowering the local community. Through Village Volunteers, many villages now have clean drinking water, are farming sustainably and providing for their community, orphaned and vulnerable children have the opportunity to go to school, women are becoming economically empowered. Village Volunteers fosters international relationships with powerful community leaders and volunteers across the world.”

Peta Hall – Ghana

“I have been a volunteer with Village Volunteers for three years. Throughout my working in Ghana I have had the dedicated support of Village Volunteers.  They should be THE MODEL for every volunteer organization!   It should be the way every volunteer organization operates, with thought, care, deep commitment and such service.  Their profound belief in humanity spreads throughout every sector of their work, and organization.  Truly they are the best, their dedication is phenomenal.”

Marjorie Dawson – Kenya

“I had the privilege of spending  7 weeks in Kenya in late October to early December 2009. The first 3 weeks were spent with Mama na Dada on the banks of beautiful Lake Victoria. While there I worked with the children, mostly kindergarten, the Girl Child Project and a support group for adults living with HIV. Adored the children who were always happy and eager to learn, and was honored to work with the young women of the Girl Child project. Always positive, with great ideas and hopes for their future. To be part of the support group was absolutely amazing!
The last 3 weeks I stayed with Emmanuel & Lillian at Namunyak Maasai Welfare, specifically at Sirua Aulo Academy. I helped in the class room, helped correct exams and spent a couple of days after the children went home to various family or support families for mid term break, helping to build desks. Amazing, amazing experience!!  I also spent a breathtaking day with Emmanuel on safari, a day I will NEVER forget. Thanks VV for all your support and amazing planning/arrangements!”

Nora Laughlin – Seattle Office Volunteer

“The way that the program works in partnership with communities in the developing world, rather than just dictating/implementing programs is a major reason why Village Volunteers is so successful.  They understand that for progress to truly be made it must begin at the grassroots level with participation of local people who want the best for their communities.”

Katie Baska – Kenya

“I traveled through VV to Kenya for 2 months in 2011.  It was the trip of a life-time that ultimately led to my current career path, all made possible by the amazing VV group.  They were in constant contact before, during and after my volunteer time, going above and beyond to make sure that I was safe, well-cared for and happy in each of my placements.  They were very attentive and genuinely thoughtful in tailoring an itinerary that would best suit my interests and provided the necessary information to make my trip preparations (ie. obtaining a visa, which immunizations I required, etc.) effortless and organized.  Upon my return, they kept in touch to see how I was adjusting back to life in the U.S. ”

Kim Clune – Ghana

Kim Clune speaks frankly in this video about how Village Volunteers and Ghanaian villagers have taught her that leadership is truly a team sport and that listening and facilitating is the greatest gift of all. Kim volunteered at EDYM Village, an educational and sustainable farming facility in Have, Ghana, working at the community library.

Brett Weiss – Kenya

Brett speaks about Emmanuel Leina Tasur, Coordinator of many projects on the ground in Kenya in collaboration with Village Volunteers.

“I spent 5 days with Emmanuel and his family in the summer of 2011. During this time I visited his school and community and was overwhelmed with the things he has been able to accomplish in just a few short years. He has already accomplished so much for the children of his tribe and his community. I can’t wait to see what he is able to do in the next few years. ”

Molly – Kenya

“The whole process for applying, acceptance and all the paper was painless and extremely efficient.  I had a good idea of where I wanted to volunteer but they suggested another option which I accepted and was so glad I did as I would not have had such an amazing experience of living with a Maasai Family and volunteering at the school.  The best thing about VV is that even if you don’t have a specific skill set like Teaching, Nursing etc you can still actively participate as a volunteer and feel like you are really making a difference and the people around you really become like your family.”

Linda Szeto – Ghana & Kenya

“LOVE Village Volunteers)!!!!  I have volunteered with them several times, not only in the field but also in the office. They have a philosophy that is research- and evidence-based that has proven to be successful, and that is the kind of organization I love to support. They aim for long-term sustainability, independence and dignity for their partner programs, and have a wide-ranging focus on the complex needs of people in poverty. ”

Kay Linley – Kenya

“Unlike hand-outs, VV establishes long-term relationships which empower local people to create their own solutions to everyday problems. As a volunteer with VV, one gets the unique experience of being part of the initial stages of any given project, after which the project is established and maintained by the very local people who are looking to better their community.”

Betty LaSorella – Kenya

“Thank you Village Volunteers for your thoughtful and inclusive vision, and generous insights in bringing local leadership to the forefront of an inspired adventure for the volunteer traveling to Kenya.  All along the way, I felt the guiding hand of Village Volunteers, subtly making sure I felt cared for and safe.  There wasn’t a moment I felt unsafe or confused.”