Why Village Volunteers?


Why Donate through Village Volunteers

Simply put, your gift is an expression of your beliefs and interests. We make sure that your hard earned money leaves a legacy that supports self-sufficiency and has an impact on the health and welfare of the communities we serve.

Village Volunteers ensures that:

  1. your donation is transparent, efficient, and effective.
  2. your gift has a direct and multiplying benefit
  3. 95% of your donation goes directly to support projects and programs abroad.

Please consider a general donation to Village Volunteers to allow us to address the greatest needs that are sustainable in collaboration with our partners.

Why Volunteer with Village Volunteers?

Nine reasons why you’ve just found the perfect fit.

You have countless choices when it comes to volunteering abroad. So what makes Village Volunteers so unique?  In two words: GRASSROOTS AND SUSTAINABILITY.  The collaboration and participation of our volunteers DIRECTLY support the long-term financial and sustainability of the communities in which we serve.  So why is this the best choice for you?

1. You want to leave a lasting impact on the world.

When you volunteer abroad with Village Volunteers, you become part of a sustainable system that empowers rural communities. Our programs are entirely managed by locals who know what works in their communities. Your efforts on the ground support their knowledgeable efforts to improve the world around them.

2. You have a skill or knowledge to share and you want to expand your understanding of the world

Maybe you’re a medical or public health student, a soccer player, an aspiring teacher, an artist, or an entrepreneur. Maybe you have a gift for connecting with children or a knack for organization. If you have a talent you want to share or simply aren’t sure where to start, our team can connect you to a community that needs YOU.

3. You are a student and have a career and academic goal

Gain perspective in the area of your specialty and/or develop skills to change your career focus. You’ll work with leaders and social entrepreneurs and customize your experience to fit your skills and interests or work with you to find a program that fulfills your specific institution’s academic requirements. We set up supervision, reporting for academic credit, and will write letters for you for employment opportunities or for applications for higher education to build your skill set and strengthen a resume.

 4. You want every dollar you spend to make a difference.

Village Volunteers supports locally-managed volunteer opportunities and initiatives in rural villages that is safe and reliable.

5. You are a student of the world, a Gap year student, and you want to have a realistic view of global challenges

What the world needs are curiosity and humility. Our programs give you the opportunity to learn from local community members in the field. A trip abroad provides you with an enriching experience that will help you be better prepared for the next chapter in your life. You will never see the world the same after being immersed in another culture.

6. You are looking for support and guidance.

From selecting the right volunteer opportunity to planning your trip, to connecting with the people in your host village, we will support you every step of the way. Whether you are able to volunteer for two weeks or three months, we’ll tailor a program especially for you. It’s what we love to do!

7. You want a fully immersive experience.

Our volunteers live and work side-by-side with local community members, sharing the joys and challenges of daily life.

8. You value the stunning power of community.

The exchange of knowledge, skills, and stories creates a meaningful common bond with our global community. Volunteering with your own community of family, friends or colleagues is rewarding, bonds people and changes their global perspective. Volunteering abroad is a gift to young people to expand their understanding of the world.  We can plan a trip for any group including clubs, schools, or corporate team-building retreats.

9. You have a heart. And you’re ready to begin your story

Begin writing your own story! We love helping volunteers find their perfect placement. Fill out our Interest Form to get started!

Explore our programs in KenyaGhanaIndia, and Nepal

Recognition & Awards

2011 – Red Wing Leadership Award – Seattle Univer

2014 – Interview with National Public Radio station KUOW 

2016 –  UN Women Award, Project Inspire for Empowering Women Period.

2016 – UN Women Project Inspire People’s Choice Award

2016 – Mazars Financial Inclusion Award “Empowering women through business”.

2017 – Scholarship Awarded from INSEAD – The world’s leading and largest graduate business schools


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She’s 10 and May Be Sold to a Brothel
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The story of M, a child nearly sold to an Indian brothel at the age of 10. M is now safe at New Light, Village Volunteers’ partner program, thanks to Kristof’s readers’ support.


Article on Shana Greene, Founder and Executive Director of Village Volunteers 
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Interview about Shana Greene for the Red Wing Leadership Award.

NAPERVILLE SUN, June 28, 2011

Naperville teacher starts scholarship for Dago students
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Brett Weiss, teacher and Village Volunteer alumn, founds the Bernard and Elsie Weiss Scholarship Fund.


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On the Odoyo family and Dago Dala Hera Orphanage, a Village Volunteer Partner Program

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The Lost Girls Book Launch
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Includes the authors’ Village Volunteers experience in Kenya
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OREGON LIVE, November 3, 2010

Turning an Invasive Species into a Livelihood
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Village Volunteers turns invasive water hyacinths to fuel briquettes, fertilizer, chairs, baskets and biodegradable sanitary napkins.


Innovation of the Week: Turning an Invasive Species into a Livelihood
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With Common Ground for Africa you are not just a volunteer, but a seed of the future
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Seattle based Village Volunteers reaching out to Central America
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AC360, November 2, 2009

Kenya Hero’s Story: Turning a Dream into a Reality
By Anderson Cooper
Cooper revisits Peter Kithene’s work with Mama Maria Kenya (a Village Volunteer partner from 2003 – 2011) since winning the 2007 Hero Medical Marvel Award.


NPR – WRTI Philidelphia, February 2008

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In Maasailand, No Child Left Behind Means Building a School Yourself
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How grassroots advocates are leading the fight against AIDS in Kenya

NEW AMERICA MEDIA, September 21, 20008

Village Mentors
by Alexandra Moe
In a village of 10,000 people, Emmanuel Tasur is the only one to hold an advanced degree, and he aims to change that.


CNN Heroes: Medical Marvel Award
Winner, Peter Kithene, is founder of Mama Maria Kenya, a Village Volunteer partner from 2003 – 2011.
Presented by Dr. Sanjay Gupta